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[ARCHIVED] [30th November 2019] World of Wombat Convoy

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This World of Wombat event is a celebration of both Promods becoming part of TruckersMP and

the fact that I, Wombat now have reached 10K subscribers on Youtube.

Its the first of hopefully many World of Wombat events to come and we are doing this one like

everything else.


Its big, bad and has a high risk of becoming a disaster because not only is the number of

participants high but also because of the destination being very tricky to reach.

And its my first convoy ever. But as always, what could possibly go wrong...


For this convoy we also have a dedicated CC & Media team from Viva Nederland helping out to

ensure this party will be as fun and enjoyable as possible.


We are starting things of with a truckfest and there will be DLC prices for the five best in show,

before we head out for a relaxing haul to our destination.


I will be live streaming the event as well and also participate in and around the convoy trying to

get every single trucker named and greeted for participating. Lets enjoy this convoy and make it

the best one ever created!



https://ets2c.com/view/83252/viva-nl-steco-stockholm-hotel (Click the link, then "Participate" to be part of the convoy.)

Date: 30-11-2019 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Server: Simulation 1
Time (Gathering): 13:00 CEST
Time (Leaving): ± 14:00 CEST
Location: Stockholm, Hotel
Discord: https://discord.gg/8n6TpwX

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