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[ARCHIVED] [29th October 2019] Republic Day Convoy

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October 29 Republic Day



Hello to everyone. All players are invited to the October 29 Republic Day Convoy organized by the Dostlar Mansion Team






Convoy Information

  Server : Custom Server

➽  Date and Time: 29 October 2019 UTC: 18:00

➽  Meeting Point: Paris - Hotel

➽  End Point: Strasbourg - Stone pit

  Trailer: It is İmperative

  Rota Picture: http://prnt.sc/pdr3ey


Convoy Rules


  All TruckersMP rules apply.

  Leave at least 2 lorry spaces for convoy layout and possible problems.

  Please don't overtake for convoy layout

  Park the area specified.


Server ETS2C https://ets2c.com/view/83133/yunusd-paris-hotel

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