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{Kılıç Birliği} Mehmet Al

[16th November 2019] SwordUnion Cooperative Convoy

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♛ Hello to fellows! We are organizing a convoy event for ETS 2 Multiplayer ♛

This organization pre-invited by several logistics. So you can't join if you in the logistics.






♛ Event Information ♛
 Event Place:
Wien - Hotel
 Event Destination: Mannheim - Hotel
 Server: Private server will be
Time: 16th November 2019 UTC: 18:00
 Trailer: We did a profile save so you have to download it




♛ Event Rules ♛
 All TruckersMP rules apply to the convoy.
 Distance between the person in front of you during the Convoy Average 50 meters Distance.
 Overtaking isn't allowed only pilots can overtake.
 At the beginning and end of the convoy, please park the parking spaces given to you.


♛ Communication ♛
 Instagram: @


İmportant Note

➽ If the participated users clik to the 'Yes, I will be there!' ad the libk that I give above it will help us to arrange private server for the convoy.  



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