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[ARCHIVED] [9th November 2019] Albayrak™ 2nd Anniversary

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♛ Albayrak™ 2nd Year Convoy ♛



♛ Hello to all Ets2 Players We are organizing an event for the 2nd year of our Albayrak Team Team Everyone is invited to this event ♛



♛ The information you need to do to participate in the event is listed below ♛ ➤ "Albayrak ™ 2nd Year Convoy" and enter the name of the Discord-authorization Text Channel Name Your Name Last Name and Age If you came with your team is enough to write your team's name. (Can participate individually)




♛ Event Information ♛
➤ Event Place: Mannheim - Hotel
➤ Event Destination: Reims - Mine
➤ Server: Private server will be open.
➤Time: 9th November 2019 UTC: 18:00
➤ Trailer: It is İmperative

➤ Convoy Route: https://prnt.sc/pf6rve


♛ Event Rules ♛
➤ All TruckersMP rules apply to the convoy.
➤ Distance between the person in front of you during the Convoy Average 50 meters Distance.
➤ Overtaking isn't allowed only pilots can overtake.
➤ At the beginning and end of the convoy, please park the parking spaces given to you.
➤''[TR] Convoy Pilot'' will appear on the convoy pilots tag.
➤ Pilots have a priority during convoy


♛ Communication ♛
➤ Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/S5mewsE
➤ Instagram: @ albayrakteam17
➤ E-mail: [email protected]



İmportant Note



➽ If the participated users clik to the 'Yes, I will be there!' ad the libk that I give above it will help us to arrange private server for the convoy.  








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Guest -RiPuZ- Style

heya @Merlijns

English pls. 👈


20 hours ago, Merlijns said:

2 yılınızı başarıyla kutlar ve güzel bir konvoy olması dileğiyle başarılar :)


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