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New server or modify a server

.Edi A.

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Hi there Edi. We appreciate the fact that you spent time coming here and drawing up your suggestion, but your idea simply won't happen. The changes that were applied some months ago (which you can see here and here) took a long time to be elaborated, and the main idea behind them, which is pushing simulation back, will stay as that's what has been decided. Adding a server with the features you're suggesting will not help making our goal happen. You already have two choices: you can either play simulation or take it a bit more as a casual thing and join the arcade server.


For this reason, your suggestion ie being rejected, I hope you can understand it. Asides, let me warn you that you didn't follow the mandatory suggestion format. If you ever want to suggest something again, please, stick to it, as not doing so will most likely mean the rejection of your idea within 3 days without it being reviewed.


May you have any question, don't hesitate to send me a private message.





en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.

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