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Chemistry l TeamAudi

[8 December 2019] TeamAudi Winter Championship

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Date and hour of the event: 8 Dec. UTC 10:00 - 8 Dec. UTC 19:00


Event Rules:


** Trailer is MUST REQUIRED.**

A trailer is an essential requirement.

If you do not bring a trailer, the stability of the vehicle body is not good and the probability of an accident will increase.

If you do not bring a trailer, you can be kicked from the server by Game Moderator.



This event will prevent you from passing.

If you overtake it, it is difficult for the Event Manager to go up to the ranks, and there is a possibility of an accident in the process of changing lanes. Also, overtaking will not allow you to overtake these events because it does not make sense to do these events as a whole.

If you overtake, the game moderator may ban or kick you.

However, if you use Skoda to carry over without permission, the Game Moderator can take action.


Do Not Insulting

No offensive remarks are prohibited.

This is an event that is held to maintain close relationships between teams and users. It is an event that is held to maintain good relations. Anyone who makes an insulting statement will be penalized by the Game Moderator.


And We follow the rules of TruckersMP. except temporary rules.

§2.7 - Inappropriate Convoy Management disabled but Car abusing is still available.

§2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking* disabled but User is still available.

§2.2 - Ramming*

§2.5 - Reckless Driving*

§2.3 - Blocking*

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