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[ARCHIVED] [19th October 2019] EHHVTC 3 Year Celebrations

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616353927449018400.png?v=1 Oh how the time flies...



616353927449018400.png?v=1 EHHVTC is 3 Years Old on the 20th of October

and to celebrate, we're holding an event consisting of a truckfest, one route, and some fun activities!


Euro Heavy Haulage was founded back in 2016 by two friends, Gamer5 and RadioJay.

They had been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 for multiple years before starting EHH,

and had been in Virtual Companies before, but they felt something was, missing.

And it was then, that EHH was born.


Since then we've been ever expanding, exploring new avenues and now,

we've become of the most technologically advanced VTC's around,

with our custom software, and web apps, it really is a sight to be behold.


We've always had a community, and almost family based spirit, and we've held

onto that throughout every second we've been operating


EHHVTC is simply a lot more than just a VTC, it's a family.

We're giving EHH a birthday celebration, in the only way we know how.. in style! 🎉


All event information can be found on our website, or in our Discord Server,

both of which are linked below.


616353927449018400.png?v=1 Links

- Website: https://ehhvtc.com

- Event Schedule: https://ehhvtc.com/three/schedule

- VTC Discord: https://ehhvtc.com/discord

- Event Discord: https://ehhvtc.com/three/discord


616353927449018400.png?v=1 We look forward to seeing you at our event, and joining us in celebrating three great years in service



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