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[Türk Logistics] - |CARRY SAFELY| - since 2016

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? - Contact: [email protected]

We are a solid team that has proven itself and completed its 3rd year.

We started recruiting the team. | Türk Logistics | - | CARRY SAFELY |



We are a solid team that has proven itself and completed its 3rd year.

We started recruiting the team. | Türk Logistics | - | CARRY SAFELY |


Our team was founded on 24.07.2016. As time goes on, our new friends continue to join our team.

Our team has an environment of respect and love for adults and minors.

We would like to see you on our team.





? - It is mandatory for our member to join our team by e-mail.

? E-mail: [email protected]

? - We will notify our membership members by e-mail.

 - You need to register through our Vtc company.

? Truckers Mp VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/1156

On the top left "Social" section of our Vtc page in this link, "Apply Now!" Writes.

You should write a short application text by clicking that button.

? - Participation in our Steam group is mandatory.

? Our Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/turk-logistics

? - The TruckersMP in-game tag needs to be replaced by our team's tag.

?️ Example: [Türk Logistics] l Name - Age

?  Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/6rXpnmt

? Instagram Acount: https://www.instagram.com/turk.logistics/

? - We are reconstructing with the spirit of the first day. We'd love to see you among us.

| Türk Logistics - since 2016 |







                                      ? - You must be +17 years old to join Türk Logistics                                                    

? -   To join Türk Logistics  you must play Euro Truck Simulator 2

                                                     ? - Euro Truck Simulator 2 For participation in Türk Logistics  which is one of the Dlc maps; Scandinavia, Eastward, Vive la France DLCs,                                                 

                                              ? - To participate in Türk Logistics , the Turkish Paint Job must be the Raven dlc of the Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack, Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dlcs               

                                                          ? - In Euro Truck Simulator 2 you have a total game time of 100 hours.                                                           

 ? -  Members of our team must be aware of each other and communicate comfortably in convoys.

                                                 ? -  Each convoy is prepared for savings in our facility. Any changes to this saving are prohibited.                                                           

               ?  - People who do not comply with the rules or who have not been able to attend convoys for a long time are distracted by our team.








?-  If you cannot join the convoy on the day of the convoy, please tell our server that you cannot join the convoy with your reason.

?  Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/6rXpnmt

? - If you do not participate in 3 consecutive convoys without explanation, you will be dismissed from our team.

? - Convoy days at least 30 minutes before the specified convoy time to complete your preparation and try to be on the server.

? - It is strictly forbidden to overtake during the convoy.

? - If you have ping or lag during the convoy, you will be instructed to go to the back of the convoy, do not go out of the instruction.

  ? - In case of an accident during the convoy, pull directly into the safety lane and join the convoy from the back of the convoy.

?-  During the convoy of the convoy flow disturbing, careless and dangerous driving, who do not comply with the rules of the first punishment is repeated in the case of repetition of the same attitude to our team is disconnected.

 ?  - You can find our convoy save file on our server. Savelas will be updated in each convoy. Download the most current one.

?- During the convoy ping - lag, etc. in the vehicle in front of you. if there is, please specify.

 ? -  Burn the quads just before braking during the convoy. Do not use unnecessary quads.






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