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Activate the console. Console commands

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Good day, truckers!


In this topic, I want to tell you how to activate the console and what are the console commands.


The topic is under development and will be supplemented!


Attention! Before activating the console, make sure that the game is not running!


To enable the console, you must do the following:


Open the file config.cfg in Notepad on the road C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2




Find the line: uset g_console "0"; uset g_developer "0"
Replace the value to: uset g_console "1" and uset g_developer "1"

This is what these lines should look like:





Save file/changes;
Entering the game, click " ` " (Tilde), the console opens.




Attention! When the console is open, control is disabled! I advise you to use the console ONLY during stops.



The main commands (work only in the single version of the game):

  •  g_set_time 0-24 — the team changes the time in the game to the one you entered.  (range 0-24);
  •  g_set_weather 0-1 — the command changes the weather. (0 - sunny weather, 1 rainy weather);
  •  g_flyspeed 100 — the command changes the speed of a free camera. (number - camera speed);
  •  goto milano — the team takes you to the city of the same name, then with a free camera to the asphalt and press F9 to teleport the truck. For example, the "goto milano" command will take you to Milano;
  •  g_police 0-1 — the command removes / returns fines. (0 - remove, 1 - return);
  •  s_interior_volume 2 — increases the sound volume of the engine in the cab.  (defaults to 1);
  •  g_minicon 1 + g_fps — the code shows fps + part of the log. (enter one command first, then the second);
  •  g_traffic — this command changes the density of traffic. (0-remove traffic completely);
  • g_fatigue 0 — sleep outage;
  • g_save_indicator 1-0 — save indicator. (where: 1 - save indicator is on, 0 - save indicator is off)


Commands working in multiplayer:

  • r_steering_wheel 0-1 — turning on and off the virtual steering wheel. (0 - turn off, 1 - turn on);
  • g_show_game_elements 0-1 — disable / enable all interactive 3D markers in the game. (trailer marker, gas station, company, agency, ferry, etc.)


All the best and smooth roads, truckers!

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Hey ! Keep calm and give us more informations.


What doesn't work ? You can't open the console ? Or you can't do any command ?


Also, if you're using an AZERTY Keyboard, the key is at the same place, but it's "²" (On the left of "1"/"&").


Waiting for your reply.



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