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Van Trasportations


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Sup truckes!

So I was wandering if it is possible to add van transportations for TruckersMP. We have Scouts with caravans so why not to have for example VW Crafters or Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that we can drive and transport cargo in. It could be drivable in 2 types of jobs. 1.: Cargo only in van. It would be A-B transportation without trailer.   2.: Cargo in both van and trailer. Trailer would work just like caravans for Scouts. 

It would also make the traffic more varied so we will be finally meeting something else than just trucks and Scouts. What do you think about it?


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Hi there Joyboyy, and welcome to the TruckersMP forums. We’re glad that you’ve taken your time to come here and elaborate your suggestion. Ideas are always welcome and we’re happy to hear what the community has to say! However, I must warn you that you didn’t follow the required suggestion format, which can be found by clicking on the red banner above your post, or in the following topic:


Failure to apply the format within 3 days will most likely lead to the closure of your suggestion without it being reviewed, so please, change it as soon as you can! Details and images are always welcome as it helps us understand what you're exactly suggesting, we're also thankful that you added them ?. Asides, just to let you know, another reason why your suggestion could be rejected is that there is a frequently suggested things topic, where the addition of third party mods like yours is mentioned, stating that they're often not accepted.


May you have any other questions, you can contact me by clicking here ;)



en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.

Usually findable between Western Germany and Denmark.


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