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Hi there @IvAnHV,


I'd like to firstly thank you for your suggestion. Always good to hear ideas from users about how we can improve the modification. 


However, I'd like to remind you of a few key facts. We have shifted our focus back to that of simulation and as such we have changed the server configurations in line with this aim. Simulation servers will remain realistically limited for the purpose of realism, and this also includes cars. If you wish to go a high speed in your car, then we have created the Arcade servers which you can alternatively use. What we are not going to do is remove the speed limiter on the car entirely, as this is then defeating the point of simulation. Simulation will apply to cars too, and this means the speed limiter will remain as it is. It will not be disabled.


With this is mind, I will be declining your suggestion. Let me thank you again for suggesting this however.

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