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ravens [V]

Area 51 convoy

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Suggestion Name: Area 51 convoy to 'storm it' on Sept 20

Suggestion Description: Truckers MP to create a convoy to drive to Area 51, at Rachel Nevada, US, at 3am Nevada time the morning of September 20th.

Any example images:  https://imgur.com/NAkEUi3  https://imgur.com/DaldWxC

Why should it be added?:  There is a Storm Area 51 meme on Facebook and other social media, where people are actually claiming they will physically go there at this time. Not a great idea IRL, but fine online. Would be popular for US as well as other players and good visibility for TruckersMP in the US.


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Hello @ravens [V].

Thank you for sending us in this suggestion for an Event for us to do at TruckersMP.
Sadly I regret that we will be declining this suggestion due to there being too less time between this event and our events we have planned near the 20th September. 
Our events are to the best quality and a lot of time and effort goes into making our events such great successful ones and we don't think your event you suggested will fit in with the way we organize our events, as well as we don't do events for short lasting social media crazes such as the clown craze in 2018. 

You are welcome to create an event yourself in our community. 
Feel free to create yourself an forum topic on the American Truck Simulator section for Community Events and making sure you follow the criteria linked below before submitting to us.
To tell other users in our community about your event you plan for the 20th September 2019
You are also welcome to submit a request for an Event Server if you have over 100 participants signed up on an RSVP. (such as https://ets2c.com/)

American Truck Simulator Community Events (where you can create your forum topic for your Area 51 Event here): https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/183-american-truck-simulator-community-events/
Community Events Guidelines: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/62672-community-events-info/
Event Server Request: https://truckersmp.com/event-request

We thank you very much for suggestion. 
We wish you Happy Trucking on our servers!

Kindest Regards,
Matt #CarLadMatt 
TruckersMP Event Manager


// Suggestion Rejected

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