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[25th April 2020] Save The Planet

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Save the Planet Event is about saving the planet and to also celebrate the 50th anniversary of earth day.

The amount of global warming is bad and plastic is a big part of global pollution and if we carry on this way our children and our children won't have a wonderful world like the one we have.

The event is on April the 25th 2020 and the truckfest starts at 9 am till 10 am when the routes start. the convoy is 12 hours with 6 routes and the convoy will end at 10 pm.
Please sign up on our ETS2C link https://ets2c.com/view/82230/happy-farmer-dover-sea-port

Please contact DiamondBack77 || Axiel CC#0994 Ranger Geology Rocks#0848 Happy Farmer Axiel#2864 Courbieee | Axiel Gaming | Mod #0077 for VTC slots in the truckfest which starts at 9 am till 10 am https://discord.io/savetheplanet 


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