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[VIVA CC] Bolts

Are triple trailers aloud in ETS 2?


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Hello @Bolts

Triple trailers aren't allowed in TruckersMP.


1. Rules: "§3.4 - Trailer combinations

It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. The exact trailers and cargoes used do not matter in this rule and can be mixed freely. The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination ("HCT" for ETS2 and "Turnpike Double" for ATS, see images below) - using a longer trailer on any combination is permitted if it is within this length.

Allowed combinations for ETS2 (styles and sizes will vary)"


source: https://truckersmp.com/rules#3-save-editing-rules


2. Why have the save editing rules been changed? [Road to Simulation]:

The save editing rules were changed drastically within the Road to Simulation update, and we have listened to the community that they want clarity as to what is and isn't allowed now and the reasons behind us making these changes.

What has changed and why

  • Only default trailer combinations are allowed. The main example which the community has commented on are the triple trailers which are no longer allowed in ETS2; these had issues with handling, size and were not realistic to ETS2.

3. It is worth quoting the following excerpt:

If you have a question about save editing, we recommend that you first look at the rules, because after our "Road to Simulation" update our save editing rules are much easier. If you have any questions about an edit after reading our rules you can submit a feedback ticket to Game Management (https://truckersmp.com/feedback).

source: XFMaster9666 post


Have a nice day:)

MarkON (player-Veteran Driver)


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Hi there, @Bolts


Unfortunately, due to the rules, triple trailers will not be allowed at all on Euro Truck Simulator 2 as per the rules stated here under section §3.4 - Trailer combinations. 


I hope this solves your question that you're asking, if you need anymore assistance with the clarification of this question, do not hesitate to message me via Forum PM. 





TruckersMP Member since 01 December 2018

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As you have selected the best answer to this topic, I will now be marking this ticket as "Solved". Thank you for creating your topic and I am sure it will help other people with the same question in the future.

Have a great weekend!


// Locked and moved to Solved.

Kindest Regards,
TFM DJ ccowie
TruckersMP Support

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