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TruckersMP Items?

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For example:

Interior accessories like a

TruckersMP interior LED,  TruckersMP paint jobs(Truck and Trailer),.. [All FOR FREE] 


Suggestion Name:  

TruckersMP items?


Suggestion Description:

TruckersMP items? Why not? I think it will be a nice feature. :tmp::thisisfine:


Any example images: 


Why should it be added?:

I'm dreaming about that. Imagine a glowing TruckersMP LED in your truck.  Or a TruckersMP design on your trailer.:love:

How it works? U buy it for free, because the mod will be only supported in the Tmp client. If u play singleplayer with this item, it will be removed.... Not more. 


Regards, Tea^_^

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