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Unofficial Tools Section Guidelines & Rules

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This topic will provide you an information about "Unofficial Tools" forum. 

"Unofficial Tools" forum is pre-moderated. Topics approved by Developers.


1. Tool availability

  1. The tool can be in the form of executable and/or website. Using both the server and the client in your project are allowed.
  2. The tool must be available to all users when posted - it has to be in public alpha, public beta, or publicly released.
  3. If your tool is content-driven (event panels, blogs, etc.), it has to be in moderate use to check the claimed functionality.
  4. The tool should not be Shareware (behind a paywall). Donations are allowed as well as paid privileges, while remaining basic functionality free to use.
  5. The tool topic should not have any referral or paid links
  6. Link shorteners can be used, but obfuscating referral of paid links with them might result in a punishment.


2. Tool distribution

  1. The distribution of your tool must be for free to end users. Paid downloads should be optional.
  2. You are welcome to share the source code of your tool. If so, it must be available via one of a public code hosting, including but not limited, github.com, gitlab.com, bitbucket.org.


3. Presentation

  1. The topic should be a professional presentation of your tool.
  2. Minimal information required in your topic are: Name, Tool URL (Website or Distribution), Tool Focus, Description, Screenshots, Repository URL (if applicable).
  3. There is no topic template for you to follow, so please feel free to express yourself and your project.


4. Tool updates

  1. Your tool should get a reasonable amount of updates. Developers are welcome to post updates on tool topics.
  2. You are welcome to provide support in the topic as well as on your own channels.
  3. Tools which is not available and/or aren't updated in 3 months will be archived. If your project is in the final state (no more updates required or planned), please notify us and your users by posting an update on the tool topic.


5. General Data Protection Regulation

  1. Your tool should be secure and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as other privacy and data regulations.
  2. Your tool should have a properly written Terms of Services (Terms and Conditions), Privacy Policy, and other GDPR documentation required.
  3. TruckersMP does not provide any legal advice on GDPR nor approve your legal practices.


TruckersMP may grant exceptions following these guidelines.

Under no circumstances shall TruckersMP be liable for any actions by these tools.

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