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KiKa - Kinderkankervrij

KiKa - Children Cancer-free Foundation


This convoy will be for KiKa, Children Cancer-free Foundation.
More information can be found here:



We are going to raise money for KiKa, but what does KiKa do exactly?
KiKa is the only charity in the Netherlands that funds research on all forms of childhood cancer. KiKa raises funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain, more cure and a better quality of life. Furthermore, KiKa focuses on education on childhood cancer.

Your donation will be used for:
Scientific research into curing childhood cancer
Improving the quality of treatments
Reducing side effects after treatments
Supporting the Princess Máxima Center
Education about childhood cancer



Some Important Information

Date: Saturday 28th of September 2019

Time:  14:00 BST

Server: I will be requesting an event server.

Departure: Calais, Sea Port


Driving Information

Meeting: 13:30 BST

Convoy Departure: 14:00 BST 28/09

Convoy Finish: 22:00 BST 29/09

We will be driving for approximately 30 hours, Of course it is not going to be exactly 30 hours as we also need to eat dinner and use the toilet and such things but we will try and keep driving as much as we can

We will be trying to drive all across the map, we will be using every map extending DLC there is

The routes are not finished yet but will be uploaded once finished


Charity Information

As said we will be driving for KiKa and raising money for KiKa
You can donate money via:
IBAN: NL89INGB 000 000 8118
Name: Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij
Reference number: actie 14640
Or via the website: 


All the money goes straight to KiKa.


More Information?

You can always message me on discord or via the forum

Discord: @Schak bruijn#5541

ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/82476/schakb-calais-sea-port

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