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ModernUI v2 - Redesigned & Multiple Colors (With easy installer!)

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UI Pack Name: ModernUI v2

Font(s) Used: OpenSans Regular/Italic/Semibold - Comic Sans MS

Made for MP ver:


Easy UI Installer Downloads:

ModernUI Red Download

ModernUI Blue Download

ModernUI Gold Download

ModernUI Purple Download

ModernUI Orange Download

ModernUI Pink Special Download


Manual Install Downloads (OpenSans Semibold Only!):

ModernUI Red Pack Download

ModernUI Blue Pack Download

ModernUI Gold Pack Download

ModernUI Purple Pack Download

ModernUI Orange Pack Download

ModernUI Pink Special Download



ModernUI Blue v2



ModernUI Orange v2



ModernUI Red v2



ModernUI Purple v2



ModernUI Gold v2



ModernUI Pink Special



Edited by SgtBreadStick
Removed Christmas download, if you still want the christmas UI then you're nuts
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