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ModernUI - A Better look to TruckersMP (v3 & v2)

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Seems like it doesn't work with the new TMP launcher, but switching back to the old launcher, the mod is working again.

That's because the installation path changed from C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\ to %APPDATA%\TruckersMP\installation




To make it work in the new launcher again, go into C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data and copy the folders: ats_modets2_mod and shared_mod.

Then you press WIN+R and enter: %appdata%\TruckersMP\installation\data. Just copy the mentioned folders into this path and start the game.

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Just a note for everything, the installer will be changing at some point in the future so there will be no more exe, instead a web based configurator that creates a zip with your customisation. There's no estimate when this will happen but i'll keep you posted. I would've considered just putting the zips on download but that means i'd have to make roughly 66 zip files for each configuration, and that's just no viable hence the new installer.


I've wanted to change the installer for a while because an .exe installer for a few png's and font isn't exactly great and it can look suspicious to some, but it was the only way especially with the amount of variants of ModernUI.


But here's a sneak peak of the new configurator. 


And a video preview too: https://i.sgtbrdstk.xyz/FTP/2023-09-27_00-18-09.mp4

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