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Connection Issue


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>Try joining in a less populated area.


> Try to join another server like Simulation 2, if you are able to join there the problem isn't about the servers. If this problem only shows up in Sim1, it's about your internet.

(Servers are so strict, a little bit problem of your internet can cause connection problem.)


As well as the above, it would be helpful if you can attach your results from the speedtest found here: http://beta.speedtest.net/


>Try to lower your settings


If you are sure that the problem is about your internet, you may want to get contact with your Internet Service Provider.


If these doesn't work, i offer you to create a support ticket from here

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Hai @Lnx_xnL


Follow these steps and try again!


1) Antivirus program can block the connection check it.

2) Check if the Windows firewall allows connection.

3) Check the DNS settings.

4) Try resetting the modem.

Pleasant regards


Veteran Driver II




You can communicate with me (:




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Dear @Lnx_xnL


Because your topic has been inactive for 3 days since the last reply,i will move your topic to Inactive Topics.

if you still need  help, you have  one  week to DM  me or other support team members,we will open this again.


Thanks for all participation!

Thank you  for your undetstanding!



//Locked and Moved to Inactive

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