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Callum Johnson

Favourite Truck on ETS2!?!

Favourite Truck!?!?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite truck on ETS2?

    • DAF
    • MAN
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Renault
    • Scania R/S
    • Scania Streamline
    • Volvo
    • Iveco

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Hello there @!Mr Nobody,

Firstly, welcome to TruckersMP! :D
I am not sure what you have heard regarding the Renault T and some sort of code, however I can assure you that I think you have been told wrong.
The Renault T does not get created by TMP, it gets created by SCS Software, it will be released in a future update to the game, however at this moment in time, it is not a thing, just rumours.
TruckersMP don't give codes for thing like that, new additions to the game such as maps or trucks come in the form of updates or DLCs from SCS software.

I hope I have cleared some confusion for you :) 

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Thank you for the welcome @Callum Johnson


 I stand corrected and I am sorry again for all the confusion about that truck, code and all. As I said it's what I was told by a few players in the game. I am so glad to finally know the truth in this matter and will certainly come to the forums for any other hear/say stuff  I get told. Out side of all that I am so happy to have met you and hope to meet a lot more people in these forums that are as polite and friendly as you have been. 

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No worries @!Mr Nobody :D

If you are ever unsure with something, feel free to send me a direct message through my forums profile, alternatively you can ask in the dedicated help section of the forum, you will get plenty of answers very quickly ;)


Hope you enjoy your time here on TruckersMP! :thisisfine:

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I find the Scania's are the best for driving. I really like how they "feel" when accelerating and just in general driving. Plus they also have nice looks.


I also like the looks of the DAF and MAN trucks. They just don't drive as comfy as the Scania does.


But I take all brands for a spin from time to time.

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