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Double Trailer job how?

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Guys, I have a workshop mod which allows me to take double trailer jobs from anywhere. However, when I take the job in single player & switch to MP, the game sends me back to the nearest garage and deletes the job.
Is there any way we can get jobs using doubles, say from Italy to Russia?
I know I can do it in single player but I'd like it in MP please.

Thank you. Kindly give me some insight.


This is the mod I use.


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Hey @2bh14hek,


A lot of singleplayer mods aren't compatible with TruckersMP as not everyone would have them installed. This would be why you are getting teleported as the multiplayer version doesn't recognise that you can take double trailers anywhere.


Currently, you can only take double trailers in Germany, Scandanavia and Baltics I'm pretty sure. SCS might add more in the future though but for now those are the only places you can.


Hope this helps.


Kind Regards,


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