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4K monitors and text size on Tab.


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Suggestion Name:  4K monitors and extreme difficulty in reading text on Tab.


Suggestion Description: An option to change the font size.


Any example images: No


Why should it be added?: Many users of 4K monitors with higher resolution than the usual 1080, are faced with a problem of the size currently used by Tab, which is optimized for 1080 certainly. What I propose is that we be given the option of being able to increase the size of the text or that text be increased, because with the current conditions it becomes extremely difficult to be able to read the text displayed.



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  • Translation Manager

Hello Өrdep,


Thank you first of all for your time to create a suggestion for us to review and apologies for the delayed response. 


Due to this being a highly requested feature, I am going to accept this suggestion. We have plans to implement something like this in the future, however we do not have an ETA on this yet.



Pillow | Translation Manager

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