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Suggestion Name:Special transport, mods

Suggestion Description:Why not make a DLC special transport through the mod. Let's make it possible to buy these trailers as their own, but it will not be accompanied, but will give the opportunity to carry goods throughout the map. We decided on the arcade HCT through the coupling to try to take out a special transport, as a conclusion of people not aborts from the game, but as we saw this same trailer a "special transport" just can't see those who do not have the DLC. You can also create a modification for those who do not have DLC to the trailer displayed any be a simple plotform.

Any example images:

Why should it be added?: Will be at least some kind of alternative to the use of this trailer. Yes without escort, but will work. Thanks

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Hello @Swaggеr,


Thank you for your suggestion, however, we are going to have to decline it at this time. While this is a good idea, special transport is something that is not feasible for the MP environment. First of all, since these trailer combinations are not allowed by default they are currently against the TruckersMP rules. Furthermore, due to the size and weight of these cargoes the probability to these being abused online is quiet high. Something like this might be made in the future, however, it will only be used by TruckersMP managers and/or seen during Real Ops events only. 


// Rejected

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