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Add Current VTC in post integrating with the new VTC system

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Suggestion Name: Add Current VTC in post integrating with the new VTC system


Suggestion Description: Just like the in-game status, add current working VTC above the in-game status using the information from the new VTC system.


Any example images: 



Why should it be added?: 

1. It could make the community more active (while it is already active). More VTC drivers being active in the forum, more chance of seeing their logos.

2. Sometimes you already left the community but forgot to update the status. While that'll be the VTC's own responsibility to update their driver list on the VTC system so the information is accurate enough.

3. I think TMP holds its own VTC system is part of the "Road to Simulation". Adding this in everyone's forum profile can encourage players to apply a VTC.

4. If it worked, it may indirectly improve the game experience if more drivers joined a VTC since they don't want to damage the image of the VTC by driving recklessly like before (well... probably).


Something which is considerable but I don't really care much:

- Let the VTC owner choose whether to show the status for their drivers in forum posts/profile.

- Make that only verified VTCs will be shown.

- Disable the option to edit the VTC part in forum profile once you are in a VTC (i.e. show your VTC details instead from the VTC system)

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