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Real Operations - 28 July 2019


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9 minutes ago, Digital said:

This event will be completely unique, and includes something never done before in TruckersMP!


I look forward to that. It will be a great event and ... this new ...:wow:

Only I'm afraid that max. 2000 players (server) are not enough.


This event is an excellent time to promote TruckersMP more through videos and photos posted on social media.



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Sounds good, I will come with my team. (Although it’s too late for us 00:00-04:00)



Chenxi VTC


   China Chenxi VTC COO --- 中国晨曦俱乐部首席运营官

  Chinese  --- English     

*Asia's first TruckersMP official verified VTC*

Our goal is the stars and the sea  

寻求帮助 I 规则 I 中文板块 I 封禁申诉 I 反馈 I 招聘


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