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Make Duisburg a NCZ

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Suggestion Name:

Make Duisburg a NCZ


Suggestion Description:

I would suggest to make the whole city a ncz. East Border at the end of pavements and end of the tunnel.



Any example images: 

Exact area of my ncz suggestion see attaced image



Why should it be added?:

As with the latest update double trailers are allowed at the whole map, duiburg is just a mess at the moment. A lot of people have problems to drive out of the service station and never give way to the traffic on the main road.  So they are blocking each other complete and the traffic flow comes to a complete stop there. But at the other hand, you can't forbit to use the double trailers there, as you can get some contracts in vanilla game. So my suggestion is to make the complete city a ncz. I think it would help, because the traffic dont have to cross each other, when they leave the service station. So it would increase the capacity of the road by a lot. Also the players dont end up in the deadlock, when sb blocks the crossing near lkwlog and at the other side, some players block the exist of the service station itself.






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