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How to increase the delivery time


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     The thread you are currently reading was created to help you get through the process of adding time to cargo from the package market and your own trailers. According to the points below, you'll be able to enjoy more hours on your load without any problem.

With this you will be able to ride with your favorite loads even longer.



1. Cargo


A very important element without which you can not do it is the load that we have to collect. At the start, we collect the load on which we intend to increase the delivery time. After selecting a cargo from the package market or the cargo market, we go to the place of loading and collect the load. If the load has been attached to the truck, we make a quick save. In the game making a quick save is signaled in the upper left corner (Message content: "Saving ..."). After making a quick save we can exit the game or minimize it.



2. Save edition


The next step is to go to our quicksave, which is in the files of our profile. My access path: C:\Users\JJay\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\5B536B792052656B5D205B4D54585D204A4A6179\save\quicksave. After opening our quicksave folder, three files appear. In this guide, we will work in the game.sii file. To effectively increase the amount of time on the load you need to download the program, through which we decrypt the game.sii file. The program is available for download here. If the file was downloaded successfully, open it and place the SII_Decrypt.exe file in our quicksave folder. Then, we drag the game.sii file to SII_Decrypt.exe and drop it. A black window should blink on the desktop, which disappeared after a while. At this point, we open the game.sii file using a notepad or Notepad ++. After opening in our eyes a window will appear, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F a window will appear under the name Search.
In the Search text window enter upper, then click Search. It automatically takes us to the line with the following content: time_upper_limit: 11772729. Before the given value, in this case 11772729 enter the 1st line after editing: time_upper_limit: 111772729. If you entered the number 1 into the line, save the game.sii file and close it.












3. Game


After the activities carried out in point 2 we enter the game again. We are loading a quick save that we made at the very beginning of the guide in point 1. After loading the quick save in the Road Advisor tab (F6), the time to deliver our load should change.

Before adding time:




After adding time:





Best regards,




I would like to thank @szykaro23 for expressing the desire to translate this guide.



Korean - @TeamAudi l Chemistry l M


Guide is also available in Polish and Korean:



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