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B-triple is no longer allowed?



HCT B-triple made by Additional Customisation Mod, after the new update of July 3rd, the rules do not specifically mention B-Triple trailers, only size, it means that it is forbidden?

I have a b-triple that I have always used without any problem today when I was playing some users threatened me with a report for using a b-triple.

The photo of the trailer that I use I put in attachment.


Sorry for my english, I used google for this. XD



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Hello @PepeZukas,


First of all, thank you for creating a topic in the Help section.

Due to recent rule changes, triple trailers are no more allowed to use.

On the screenshot, I see that you have 4 trailers because dolly trailer counts as a trailer as well.


Do you have any other questions or issues?


Kind Regards,

TruckersMP Support

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Yes, triple not allowed on TruckersMP (ets2).


16 hours ago, Wheezy said:

What are the major changes?

  • Parts which float away from the vehicle are not permitted, example; floating cargo models, even if only part of the model is floating, are no longer allowed.

  • Parts which clip into each other are not permitted, example; cargo models which majorly clip into the trailer(s) or truck cab are no longer allowed. Minor clipping between parts on hybrid trucks is permitted.

  • Only default trailer combinations are allowed, trailer type does not matter, example; triples are no longer allowed in ETS2

  • Double or triple trailers must not be longer than the largest default combination; for ATS, the "turnpike double", for ETS2, the "HCT"

source: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/86147-road-to-simulation/

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