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On 7/31/2019 at 10:23 PM, Baerenhaart said:


Harder punishments are needed or welcome, but they wouldn´t change anything. Many of the "Regular D-C Area Citizens" having more than 1 or 2 Accounts. They will be back faster than they be banned. 


If they do, they would get banned without notification, as stated in the rules. To play TruckersMP you need a set amount of playertime before you can join, so it's not possible for people to purchase ETS2 on Steam, whether it's on sale or whatever, and then refund it if they get banned again. 


I'm also unsure how TruckersMP does it when it comes to ban evading, but hopefully they add additional days to the original ban. 



On 7/31/2019 at 10:40 PM, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

@Glada_Laxen Low is nothing like "empty roads". Central Europe used to be a nightmare in EU#2, now it isn't (at least from my experience). It's clear that most players want to play around other many players, but that's exactly the target for trolls. Whoever plays MP games regularly knows this. That's why I said that people who put their hands into a fire should not be surprised and complain when they get burned. It's like those who say "They are forcing me to go at low speeds". It's simply wrong. There are choices to go as fast as any player can, only they don't want to use them. "I am forced to go on the C-D road to see other players". Wrong. There are players in lots of other places, not as many as on the C-D area, but that brings the added benefit of less trolls, less incidents and in a nutshell, a better game experience. Unless they are looking for "action". But if that's what they're looking for, why complain when they find it? My only guess: To those people it's funny when others are trolled, not so much when they become the victims.


About harder punishments, I'm 100% with you. About "minor changes and restrictions does not solve the issue of trolls/reckless drivers" only 50%. Trolls will be trolls unles they are left "unarmed" (that's why I sent a suggestion to make all servers no-collisions), but the reckless drivers are not as dangerous with 110 Km/h as they were with 150 Km/h and even less as they were (and would be again) without speed limits. This is the main effect I see about the latest change: People driving slower than before are less likely to lose control of their vehicles. Less incidents. Globally speaking.


I don't disagree that they shouldn't be surprise, I disagree that you tell them that they should not complain. Their complaints are very much valid, just as anyone else's complaint. 


ETS2 is mostly built with highways, and those tend to feel empty because there's no AI. Even if you drive in popular places they sometimes feel empty, at least to me. That is another reason why I think players enjoy driving on C-D, because it's 1 lane in each direction which makes it feel even more populated. Regarding the 110km/h change, I'd rather see a restriction in C-D only. Make it 90km/h in just C-D, then keep it 110km/h or 150km/h in other places, maybe even both 110 and 150 depending on the area. Or 130 which I think is the highest speedlimit in most European countries. With that people may scatter even more across the map because of that restriction in that specific area. 


And it is true that driving slower gives you more control, but it has also made it so those that wish to overtake but cannot get high enough speed to actually pass in time cause an accident. And inappropriate overtaking is not exactly uncommon in TruckersMP. 

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Due to the nature of some of the discussion and replies sent here, this thread has now been locked to further replies.


Any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions about the simulation changes can be directed in a feedback ticket, at https://truckersmp.com/feedback and a member from the upper staff can address your query.

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