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GPS Target to Player!?

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For example:
I lost my friends or a convoy because I accidentally took a wrong route, a command "/ Target galantis" will give you a gps route to your friend "galantis" or someone you have chosen as your target.


Suggestion Name:
Players Target GPS


Suggestion Description:
Command "/Target [NAME]" will give you a GPS route to someone you have chosen as the target.

It can be a command or a button, or just something else.. I leave that for the developers...


If your friend drives, your destination will follow your friend, and will be disabled if you are close to him.

if it is difficult for the developers to do that, then it is not necessary, because then you can type that command every time so that the GPS-Route will be updated.


If you still want to drive alone and you don't want anyone who wants you as a GPS-target, then you can disable this at settings.


Any example images:



Why should it be added ?:
To find each others faster and easier.

I know some of you will say, we have the Live maps. but I find this much easier.

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Hello galantisCC,


Thank you first of all for your time to create a suggestion, and I apologise for the delayed answer.

The idea you suggested is very interesting and is actually something I have never seen being suggested before. I checked whether it is possible to be implemented and I'm happy to say our Developers are interested in this idea as well.



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