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Best Processor Manufacture? Intel or AMD

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My first desktop had an AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 processor, it was used for gaming and Minecraft server hosting (Yes, I know, Minecraft.. But, it was back in 2009/2010 :) Currently my dad is using this pc.

After the Phenom, I tried Intel (Intel core I7 4770K) it ran fine.


THEN, AMD Ryzen came out, and I upgraded to the 1800X (yes, it had some problems, but so does so many other brand spanking new things have :) ) The 1800X ran fine for streaming and a little video editing. 

I then upgraded to the 2700X (Not exactly a big jump, but I wanted to support AMD all I could, to help them get some competition to the CPU market) With the 2700X a saw a little uplift in gaming performance (Nothing compared to the jump that was about to come :D

2700X and 1800X were used with the same motherboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 (AM4) And AM4 will be with us for quite a while :D 


NOW, I'm on the 3900X and holy moly, that CPU is an absolute beast :D Euro Truck MP + x264 game streaming to twitch, the mostly runs at 15-20 % load :) and yes, with the 3900X I changed motherboard to the X570 chipset (Mostly because of power delivery on an X370, would probably have been a little overworked with the 12 core 3900X)


And also, my dad needed an upgrade, so he bought my X370 motherboard, and the 2700X CPU :) (A long awaited upgrade :D)

So, all in all, I'm staying with AMD and Ryzen :)


Yes, if you ONLY want to game, then sure, Intel is better (But is also more expensive) So, if you absolutely don't NEED the best of the best, try with some of the lower core count Ryzen 3000 CPU's, or maybe save more money, and even buy a used Ryzen 2000 pc :)


And, if your doing more than just gaming, maybe some Photoshop/Streaming or maybe video editing (YouTube) then Ryzen sure won't let you down :)



Best Regards


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I have been using Intel CPUs for many years,  my last AMD CPU was a AMD K6-2 400

But considering upgrading to a AMD Ryzen 9  3950X when its released

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Sorry for the somewhat late reply but as a computer nerd I have been using intel ever since I got my first computer, an old HP desktop! Intel Celeron that was. Now I have an intel-i5 8400! Brilliant CPU.

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It depends on what you want to do. 

-If you want to play, then Intel

-If you want to work in video / photo editing, AMD

I prefer Intel, updates to new games or games appear faster. First games are made for Intel, and AMD is less compatible.

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