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Invalid email or password



unfortunately I tried not to go. There's a topic written down on what to do, but it didn't help me. I can access the website but not here. Thank you in advance for your help. Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Abyjddjdj/

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Hello there,


You’re most likely reading this topic because you’re unable to login to your TruckersMP account for whatever reason. This topic is a summary of the basic solutions that you can give a try in order to try to fix the issue. Here's a screenshot of the  invalid email or password problem on TruckersMP launcher:




If the problem occurs on TruckersMP launcher as well as on the website:

If you’re facing the issue on TruckersMP launcher as well as on the website, there’s probably something wrong either with your email address or password. As you’re unable to login to your TruckersMP account on the website, you won’t be able to reset the email address or password that are linked to your TruckersMP account yourself. However, TruckersMP has got its own Support Team that can help you to reset the email address and password that are linked to your account if required. If you can't remember to login details for your TruckersMP account and you want to get help as soon as possible, please send off a support ticket on the support system. If you’re not really familiar with creating support tickets, you can get assistance for it in here.



If the problem only occurs on TruckersMP launcher (and you're still able to login to your account by using the website):

If your login details don’t work on TruckersMP launcher but you’re still able to login to your account on the website, there shouldn’t be any mistakes (such as a writing mistake) in your login details as you still seem to remember them while logging into the account on the website.


So how to fix the issue fix the login issue on TruckersMP launcher?

As the first thing, please ensure that you are using the correct Steam account which is indeed connected with your TruckersMP account. If you are unsure if you're using the correct Steam account, you can paste your Steam profile link HERE and you will get information about the TMP profile which is connected to your pasted steam account. You can also paste the link to your TruckersMP profile and you will get information about the connected Steam Account.

Furthermore, ensure that the @-symbol is working correctly. It has been a known bug that the @-symbol doesn’t work 'normally' on TruckersMP launcher since the very first day of TruckersMP. If your keyboard has got the so-called 'numpad', you should be able to get the @-symbol with the following code: ALT + numpad 6 + numpad 4 (this method should also work on TruckersMP launcher). If the numpad method didn't work and you're still unable to get the @-symbol, open up a text editor of your choice and write it down there. After that, copy it and paste in-game by pressing CTRL + V.


If you’re 100% sure about you’ve written the email address and password without any mistakes, please try the following:

1. First, open up a text editor of your choice (e.g. notepad, notepad++,...).

2. Then, write down the email address as well as the password.

3. After that, copy them (CTRL + C) one-by-one and paste in-game with using the CTRL + V combination.

It’s very likely that you can log in without any issues now.


If you're still facing the problem (this solution usually works!):

If you're still facing the issue, you should try to delete the Steam_api.dll file as it might be corrupted. To do so, please follow these instructions:

1. First, head over to the installation folder of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or American Truck Simulator).

If you don't know how to get to the installation folder of the game on Steam, read the instructions in the following spoiler:

  Reveal hidden contents

2. Once you’re in the folder where your game files are located in, please delete the folder called "bin". 

3. After that, verify the game files.

If you’re not fully aware of how to do so, please open up the following spoiler and follow the given instructions:

  Reveal hidden contents

Once you’ve done all the steps, open up the TruckersMP launcher and try if you can finally login to your account.


Further solutions:

In very rare cases, the problem is caused by having those so-called “special symbols” either on the email address or password. Your email address and password should only include the following character: a-z (or capital letters), 1-9 (and email address should include the @-symbol, of course). If you happen to have other characters than the ones listed above, please log in to your account on the TruckersMP website and go to your profile and choose "Settings". Then select "Account Settings" and you should be able to change the email address or/and password that is linked to your TruckersMP account.



If you're unable to login to your account because of the two-factor authenticator:

If you have got the two-factor authentication system enabled on your TruckersMP profile, you will need a six numbers long number code that you can get from the authentication application on your mobile phone or tablet (Google Authenticator, Authy,...) in the order to login to your account on the TruckersMP website. If you can’t access the authenticator application any longer for whatever reason, you should be able to find the backup codes from your email address. If you don’t find or you’ve lost the backup codes, the only thing you can do is to create a support ticket and wait until you receive an answer there. 


If the listed solutions didn’t help you, please contact the support team via the support system or ask for further assistance on the forum (help section) or TruckersMP official Discord server (#support-channel).

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