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Universal Transport ltd

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 Here at Universal Transport we like to do things a bit different!





   Our journey:

Formerly known as FBS-T (Flashy Beacon Squad-Transport), established early 2018, which was then rebranded in March of 2019 to Universal Transport Ltd. With the rebrand came fun, new truck colours and a new outlook for our business.

Universal Transport Ltd is a friendly, community based company. We operate all over Europe and the U.S. (ETS2 and ATS) with drivers from all over the world.


We are a professional, hard working VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) that strive to be swift and reliable, and are trying to build a fun and welcoming setting for all who join




        Our Mission:

Is to create a community for people to share memories and to start new friendships. We offer guidance to those who need a little extra help and try our best to have a positive space where when everyone gathers it is a fun experience for all involved. Creating this space allows new and old players to come together and enjoy being a part of something greater than the sum of it's parts.


We strive to make sure no one is left out and everyone is encouraged to be themselves at their full potential and end up with the courage and the skill to do something they couldn't do before.



           About The Company:


We welcome all forms of driver's, from those that drive every day to those that drive part time. If you have family or other IRL obligations NO Problem we understand that real life happens.

We have drivers from all over the world, spanning across the UK, Europe and the USA. We are looking for people who can drive at any time of day to build up a company that is there day or night, early or late; building a community that's fun for everyone. 

 We attend convoys on both ETS2 and ATS to give our drivers the choice of where they would like to drive for the company. We don't just limit to one or the other and as new DLCs are released and the map on ATS grows it gives us more ground to cover and a better experience for all involved.

For those of you that prefer the simulation side of the game, and want to drive at 'realistic' speeds, We have Trucksbook, where 'real' miles can be logged and you can compare progress against other VTC's.

Want to check us out head on over to https://www.universaltransportltd.co.uk/.

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Hello there,


Thank you for submitting your company post for approval. I am happy to approve your post now! Happy trucking!


Kind Regards,


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