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20 minutes ago, Doc.Dead said:

Remove the restrictions on the double trailers in the Netherlands and Germany, we still cant drive them, base game allowes them to be driven there with jobs now!!


23 minutes ago, TheDuckThatFloats said:

scs updated some cities for double trailers, yet game still kicks us. please fix, or is it gonna be still banned which is not a professional move...


59 minutes ago, Nevzarov said:

Please fix double trailers in Europe (Netherlands and Germany)

There is a difference between double and HTC trailers.... the HTC ones are made of 2 full size trailers connected with a dolly, the doubles are made out of 1 full size and 1 small trailer.


In Germany and the Netherlands, these doubles are allowed:


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Theyr are not buksee, Duisburg is in Germany and D-trailers are not same goess for netherlands, Amsterdam still nope... Somebody from the staff needs to update the rules!!

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Posted (edited)





This rule is still active in some form, especially in Duisburg due to the high number of players in these areas. The update was made, so in parts of Germany where the population is much less than in Duisburg, you can pick up and deliver goods with double trailers. The reason behind this, is that the doubles would make the traffic in Duisburg and on some parts of the C-D road a lot worse, thus making the waiting times longer.

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Added link to Article-101

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