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[ARCHIVED] [12 October 2019] Prime 1 Year

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This coming October, Prime Logistics is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by hosting a truckfest and convoy! We will be holding a truckfest and convoy on October 12th 2019, with awards to be won by both VTCs and attendees. The event will begin with a truckfest at 5PM BST, followed by a convoy at 6PM BST. We invite all VTCs & public trucks to come and attend our Truckfest where there will be reserved slots for VTCs and a slot for Public Parking. For our convoy, we will be starting by the White Cliffs of Dover. We will pass by some of the famous cities of the United Kingdom whilst we head north. On the route, we will be going through the infamous M25 around London. Heading north, we will pass through Wales and into the highlands of Scotland where we will end our destination at Glasgow, Quarry.

Interested? You can find all the information you need below!


Event Type: Truckfest + Convoy
Date: Saturday 12th October 2019
Truckfest Start: 5pm BST / 12pm ET
Convoy Start: 6pm BST / 1pm ET
Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2


Truckfest Start: 5pm
Truckfest Judging: 5.10pm
Truckfest Winners: 5.30pm
Collect Trailers: 5.40pm
Convoy Start: 6pm


Location: Dover, Sea Port
Truckfest Slots: Coming Soon!



Best VTC Paint Job
Best VTC Parking Formation
Best VTC Attendance
Best Public Truck


Start Location: Dover, Sea Port
End Location: Glasgow, Quarry
Route Map:

Event Rules

Our Event Rules can be found here:




Important Information
Discord: https://discord.gg/maAbz2Z
Convoy Route: https://imgur.com/a/gesfWoS
Truckfest Parking: https://imgur.com/a/xsSz4AT
MattTM's Discord: Matt#8038

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Guest Vantage

Good luck with the event @MattTM!


PS: You may want to alter your route to avoid the railway crossing in Wales.  It only allows 3 truck across at a time.  

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