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Log spam fix
Base fix


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Why should it be added?: because there is now only 1 kind of car and maybe that is luek to put a 2 car in the game and if you can ski well you can also put a pilot skin on it and for the game moderator a police skin on it

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Dear @simba20145


First of all thanks for created this suggestion. Suggestion is pretty good but I have to reject it.
Add a new car has been suggested many times in the past.


You can read this topic to know more:


"In addition to the above-mentioned things, the following ideas were already proposed:"

  • Real life time clock near the tab
  • Ability to scroll in the chat
  • Adding certain chat channels for companies, etc.
  • Clicking names to report people
  • Sync random events
  • Sync rain
  • Ability to see who reported you and when
  • Reconnect button and changing servers without having to restart the game
  • Adding new cars for everyone/staff
  • Ability to make your own radio
  • Ability to request Game Moderators for an event
  • Creating private servers
  • Adding AI traffic to servers
  • VR support


If you have more questions do not hesitate and contact with me via private message.


Thanks for your understanding and have a wonderful day.


Kind Regards



// Moved to Add-On Suggestions -> Rejected



Nie ma magicznych skrótów do rozwiązania Twoich problemów.


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