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[TR] SkortiL

[05 July 2019] Genc Ihtiyar Convoy

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Hey everyone! 
We decided to make a convoy for our brave, biggest supporter and lovely big brother Okan Oztürk. And also it will be say hi to summer. Everyone is welcomed, we would like to invite you guys. :) 




Convoy Information


 Server : We are planning to open a private server for event.
 Date and Time : 05/07/2019 - 21:00 UTC+3
 Start Point : Cambridge
 End Point : Munchen
 Route : https://prnt.sc/nwrqwq - https://prnt.sc/nwrr9s




☪ All rules apply about TruckersMP.
☪ Leave at least 1 truck distance for convoy layout and possible problems.
☪ Please don't overtake for convoy layout.
☪ Please let the convoy owners overtake.
☪ Everybody have to get trailer.


Contact Information


☪ Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/Nybz454


Additional Info!


☪ If the participated users click to the "Yes, I will be there!" at the link that I give above it will help us to arrange private server for the convoy. :) 



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