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How to record Euro Truck Simulator 2 with OBS

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Do you want to record Euro Truck Simulator 2 or TruckersMP with OBS, but dont know how?

Then you can follow this tutorial! I will teach you in steps.

1. First if you dont have OBS, you can download it here :https://obsproject.com/ (If you dont know what OBS is, it is a recording/live streaming program.)

2. Then you install OBS and start it up.

3. You firstly have to change the settings to your preferred settings, if you dont know what are best you look it up on YouTube/Google.

4. Then add a new scene, by clicking on the + button in the scenes section. 

5. Name your scene, i will call it ET2, and then select the scene.

6. Then add a source, by clicking on the + button in the Sources section.

7. Then click on Gamecapture, and in the mode section choose Capture Specific Window. Then in the window section, choose Euro Truck Simulator 2. (Its only visible if you start it up so firstly start it up)

8.The rest of the settings you dont need, but you can turn it on/off if you know what it does. Then click on OK.

9. Then if you select your Euro Truck Simulator 2 window, the black screen will show your game.

10. If you click on start recording it will record your game, but dont forget to change your settings!


I hope this tutorial helped! And have fun trucking and recording!

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Guest Wheezy

I will accept this guide but if you could record a video on what to do and add it to the post, that would be 100% appreciated!



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If your computer supports the XBOX Game Bar ( XBOX / Windows DVR basically ) you can set a key to " Record that " in Settings under Gaming!




On the left side you will see a list of Tabs


Game Bar ( where you set your hot keys for recording etc )


Captures ( this is where you set how long " record that " records & things like quality along with the save location etc )


Broadcasting ( self explanatory, settings for broadcasting )




Xbox Networking ( Tests & Connects to XBL ) basically turn on your xbox & stream it through your pc as well as the xbox app!


If all goes to plan, you should hit your hotkey in game & it will tell you Game Clip Recorded ( See in Videos via File Explorer ) 


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