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Update 1.35 release

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Guest The Englishman

Here come the "When will TMP be updated" comments <_<

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Germany improvements, stage 2

New French roads: A10-A6 (Vive la France! DLC) and A6-N44

Sardinia island (Italia DLC)

Scandinavian signage improvements (Scandinavia DLC)

New special transport routes (various DLCs)


Purchased container trailers

Purchased logging trailers

Browse purchased trailers & accessories

Double trailers in Germany and Netherlands

Krone Boxliner for 40ft or 2x20ft containers (Krone DLC)

Purchased Schwarzmüller reefer, curtain and log trailers; also traffic (Schwarzmüller DLC)

Adjust purchased trailers without service visit (extendable trailer, sliding tandem)

Copy truck/trailer configuration across fleet

Wiper settings improved


GPS Voice navigation

Use your own purchased trailers in External Contracts on World of Trucks

Online garage purchase

Emergency refuelling service

Input improvements (Steam controller support, Tobii eye tracker support, controller hotplug support, better FF on Linux)

Razer Chroma support

New options: truck stability, truck suspension, cabin suspension, dual localization of names in map

Faster job generation for hired drivers

Lots of new drivers to hire

Experimental DX11 support


Curve item (new editor item)

Walker/mover item improvement

Multiple LODs for models

Modded trucks support (in-game function)

Traffic data improvement

Vehicle data improvement (COG, wipers, transmission names, bracers sound)

Randomized cargo model (eg. container color)

See the modding wiki for details

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I hope the devs find a way to allow custom voice packs for the navigation. (Or a way to replace the default ones if not)

I really don't like those default voice actors, they are too bland for my liking. 

Give me a nice Yoda or comical voice!

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When I asked when truckersmp is going to support 1.35 they laughed at my 'stupid' question and all I got was "When SCS releases 1.35."


1.35 has been out on beta for a long time now and there was enough time to prepare for it, and now, that it is out, guess what:




Genius :) @JeffSFC


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Guest Hecki_Stafman

I think 1.35 will takes a few days for MP :/

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