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Ethan B.

Driving Signals

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(The reason I have made this is to help with people using these signals incorrectly and not understanding when others use them. These also can apply to real life, however, I do not condone the use of these IRL.)


1. Flashing Headlights

Surprisingly, flashing headlights can mean many different things, but they are NOT a greeting in any way.

When someone flashes their headlights it could mean one of the following:

 High beams are on incorrectly

Oncoming Lane / Unsafe passing

Slow down

You can go

These are the main meanings of flashing your lights.


2. Honking Horn
Horns are used as a safety system in vehicles. They were intended to be a loud tone to warn people, however, can be used as a greeting.

How I decide it is based on the length

Long Tone - Bad driving (I.e cutting someone off)

2 short tones - Greeting

Horns are commonly misused and in some county's it is against the law for "Excessive horn use"

3. Indicating (Blinking)

For this section, Blinkers will be referred to as indicators

Indicators are used as a signal to other drivers to give them an idea of how you will react when driving.

Left or Right indicators mean they are changing lane to that direction or turning that direction at an intersection.

An indicator at intersections always means they are turning that direction as it is forbidden to change lane in an intersection by law.

Hazard Indicators (Also known as 4-Ways)

Hazard Indicators are to be used when pulling over, stopped in the road, or you yourself are a hazard. 

People may also use a combination of Left, Right, Left, Right as a thank you when they are in front of the vehicle they are thanking. Hazards may also replace this combination

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