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i have played with a lot of moded cab over trucks in single player but i have only seen these types of trucks in multiplayer
 Peterbuilt T680,Kenworth w900,peterbuilt 389,peterbuilt 579,volvo 780, volvo 300,volvo 730,


Any example images:  yes just one of a stock cab over FLB freight liner


Why should it be added?: i think it would add some varity to the selection of trucks in ats on tmp, yeah trailers are nice but trucks are cool and cab overs fit into places a bit better than most trucks do, plus i think it would be nice to see cab overs on mp in ats the old trucks are nice but they are becoming an eye sore


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Dear dragoslance,


Unfortunately I am going to have to reject this suggestion as it's something that has been suggested many times before as well as other vehicles.

Also note TMP does not support 3rd Party Mods unless they are specifically given permission (the current car).


If you think this would benefit in the game. Please try suggesting it for SCS.


In future, please ensure you read this topic (and the reply) before creating any new suggestions: 



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