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Trucks with no trailers

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Suggestion Name: Trucks with no trailers

Suggestion description:

It would be cool to see that you dont need to rely on trailers to deliver goods but can do so with just your truck but there could be a lowhitch at the back that lets you connect to a dolly or a tandem trailer that if you wanted you could take a trailer but you dont need to.


Why Should it be added?

just so you dont have to use that good 'ol trailer for the same cargo for over 1.000.000 kilometers(extreme example) and you dont see the same trailers over and over again in the player traffic

Example images:



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Hello @Ivaan_RUSHB,


Thank you for your suggestion, however, we are going to have to decline it at this time. While a tandem trailer pack is a great mod, it's not quiet practical for the MP environment. Every player would need the mod in order to play and not everyone has good internet speed or a fast enough computer to load a bunch of mods. 


// Rejected 

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