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A bit about us

Spark Logistics is brand new VTC established on 10th of February, this year. We are still new but experienced. It took us time before launching the VTC and setting up different things, such as Website and the Tracker. We will continue to improve everything until we reach perfection.


Why should you join us? Currently we offer to our drivers:

- Custom Tracker

- Windows Application that automaticly tracks your progress when open

- Seven Different Driver roles

- The more you drive, the more you

- Custom API - API which you can use to develop from our Tracker Data

- Website/Forum

- Friendly place outside of Discord where you can engage with our community

- Weekly/Monthly ETS2/ATS convoys

- A bit of fun here and there

- *Special Convoys

- Good environment and friendly people


Our requirements:

- You must be at least 13 years old

- You must be able to communicate in English

- You must have genuine interest to join and be active in our community


You can apply for the VTC on our website: https://sparkvtc.com/

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These past 2 weeks have been the best 2 weeks for our VTC so far, we got a lot of the stuff done and a bunch more good people joined us!

We still have stuff to do, like tidy up our Radio, finish our own Forum System, and many more improvements and suggestion are being added to the tracker!


If you want to join us, now would be the best time in my opinion,

You can join us at www.sparkvtc.com , you can see a bit about our VTC while scrolling trough the site, and get to the apply section at the bottom where you can join us!

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Just an Update:


- We have reworked on the website it has got new design and interface

- Our tracker now supports live map also which shows every driver location

- We have just launched an SparkFM bot on discord which can be used as radio station


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Damn. I thought this topic is much more active. Turns out the opposite. Well, y'all are missing on quality music - no trash allowed, I'd explicitly state, proper convoys with people that actually know when to use their HAZARDS, and whatnot.


 I'm afraid everyone's missing on the first thing already. Shame.

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