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TruckersMP at Truckfest Peterborough

Guest Wheezy

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Guest Wheezy

Hey Truckers,

It’s time for a different style of blog that we have never done before. Earlier this week we attended TruckFest LIVE 2019: Peterborough with our community. So no, we were not at your usual TruckFest hosted by a VTC in-game, we actually turned off the computer and went to the land of “Outside”. We met a lot of members from our community and we managed to get a lot of pictures! The following is a blog of our time there and what we got up too!

Day 1 [Sunday]:

Sunday started off with us trying to get into the TruckFest itself. Now, usually, this would be quite easy to do, however, it turns out that buying tickets on the day is quicker to get into the event than actually pre-booking them online. Myself, El1teZombiezHD, DJ Jefferz and LouieG had pre-booked our tickets online so of course, we thought that it would be a fast entry to the event… we were wrong. We had to wait in the line with our tickets to be scanned for at least 20 – 30 minutes. But hey-ho, we were in the event! We then split into 2 pairs as we wanted to explore at a different pace. The next thing that came to mind was, of course, trying to find the SCS booth. Usually this would be easy to do, however, my map reading skills are 3 out of 10 so myself and DJ Jefferz walked around the full Truckfest to realise that I had walked us right past the SCS booth and took us to the other end of the Truckfest. We then backtracked and after a game of hide and seek , where the SCS trailer was the hider and myself and Jefferz were the seekers, we found the trailer and saw a lot of familiar faces from our community there!

By this time, it was midday and the Twitch and YouTube content creator Squirrel was holding his meetup at the SCS booth. It was very loud and busy at this time as so many people from Squirrels and the virtual trucking community had arrived for the meetup and also people were waiting in line to have a go on the SCS motion simulators [More info on that further down].

Whilst the meetup was going on, I got inline and met Mr Squirrel himself. Now what I can say is that he is a lot taller IRL than what you think. We spoke about TruckersMP and the events that we have run for his Twitch subscribers [The Nut House] and then I asked to get my program signed. He, of course, signed it then I met Mrs Squirrel and she gave me some Squirrel merch [A band, a pen and a golden Squirrel cap]. What an honour it was to meet up with Squirrel and his community and to be recognised by himself for the work I do here at TruckersMP. Once the meet and greet part of Squirrels meetup had finished, we all had a group photo done together and below is that photo! There were so many people that we started to run out of space near the SCS trailer to get the photo!


After the meetup was over, we just hung around the SCS trailer for an hour or so and then myself and DJ Jefferz decided to walk around the TruckFest and see what else was on offer for us to see. We stopped off at a food stand for some lunch and I had a hot dog and Jefferz had a cheeseburger. We then walked for another hour or so and we saw a lot of different styles of trucks with different paint jobs!

After we had walked around for a while, we then decided to go and meet up with a few members from TFM and other TMP related community’s back at the SCS booth. Once we had gotten back to the SCS booth, I had a chat with Nemiro from SCS Software. Nemiro is a Community Manager for SCS Software and he was at the TruckFest as part of the On The Road team and he took the time out to speak to me about his opinion on TruckersMP. He had this to say…

“Personally I cannot speak about TruckersMP on behalf of the company however personally I like what you guys did and what you guys are doing! I kinda dislike how often people are like ruining the feel of the game like all the trolls but if I would look at it as like behind all of the trolls… all the coding and how you guys made it work that’s really good and a lot of respect from us to you for all that work that you guys have put in!”

I really find that motivating as it shows that the mod is reaching a lot of people and we are being recognised for the hard work and dedication that we have put in over the past 5 years to make TMP bigger and better than it first was! I thank you for your time speaking to us Nemiro and your team at SCS Software for making us feel welcome at the trailer! We look forward to hopefully seeing you and your team more at events in the future! I even managed to get a quick photo with some of the SCS team in the trailer.


And with that being said, that brought us to the end of day 1 of the event and it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for what was waiting for us on the second and final day of the event.

Day 2 [Monday]:

The last day of the event went quite quick for me. We had not purchased our tickets online so we had to buy them on the door however it was not that busy this time so we were inside the event in less than 5 minutes. The main plan for today was to get a few photos with members from the TMP community and a few more pics with SCS. Oh, and Harry Redknapp was at the event at the Volvo stand as well! I did not know this and it’s like Volvo wanted people to know about it as every 5 minutes they announced it. Then when the time came for Harry to be at the Volvo stand… he was late. But, that is the joys of LIVE events.

Monday was quite a chilled day. We had walked around for the start of the event and then we just sat on the very comfortable beanbags that the SCS team had provided for the rest of the day. We then got invited to have a go on the simulator. Now, I did not expect it to turn and move as much as it did but I was pleasantly shocked when I had a go on the simulator. I went to turn around a corner in Oregon and the simulator turned to the point of no return. I honestly thought that I was going to fall off the sim.

We then went for lunch, met up with Squirrel for the second time and then we had a few photos done at the SCS trailer.





After all of that, we mainly sat around and just relaxed then myself and Jefferz decided that we wanted some sweets so we found a big pick and mix stand and filled a bag each. The weather was not the best on this day so by 3 PM we left the event as it started to rain and we had a train to catch later on in the day.

The following is a list of some of the awesome people from the TMP community who we met at the event:
DJ George
DJ Jay
& Nemiro, Mr Cenda & all of the SCS On The Road team!

We do hope to be attending the truckfest next year and I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog!



TruckersMP Community Manager

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