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"Auto Stop Help"

Description of suggestion:
It consists of creating 3 complementary tools.
The first tool is to ask for rescue help.
The second tool is the Trucker Points cable coupling / disengagement:

The third tool is the winch or chain of steel cable of the truck.


1st tool: "AutoStop Help".

Command is very simple.
Run the F7 command and press ENTER.
A box appears to type: SOS, then enter the command.
The result is the activation of an active green icon for 10 minutes at the rescue location.

(See the video 1)

Once triggered, the vehicle's position flashes on the map.

Affordable to see on the F5 / GPS common command.

If you are on the route or nearby.

So if the player has an interest in going there, it will be easy to bail out.


2nd Truck Driver's Cable Hitch / Disengagement:

Truckers MP trucks would have 2 coupling points to rescue.
One located at the front and one at the rear of the vehicle.

(See example: Figure 8)


To perform the rescue operation there are only 2 very similar ways:

Frontal Rescue:
The truck with its individual winch must be positioned with the cab located 180 degrees from the front connection point located on the lower front of the vehicle cabin. needs to be rescued. In summary, trucks should be relatively face to face.

For winches installed in the rear of the truck in the front ransom.

The truck with the winch must be in the position that its rear is rotated within the radius of 180 ° from the front hooking point at the bottom of the truck to be rescued.

This truck to be rescued may have a trailer.


Rear Rescue:
The truck with its individual winch must be positioned with the rear of the truck or trailer and situated 180 degrees from the front of the back, it should be positioned with the front of the truck located 180 degrees from the front connection point located at the rear . the lower chassis of trucks that need to be rescued.

In summary, the rescue truck should be relatively with its rear situated in front of the truck cabin to be rescued or towing.

For winches installed in the rear of the truck in the wake rescue.

The truck with the winch must be in the position that its rear is rotated within the 180 ° radius from the rear hitch point located at the bottom of the truck to be rescued.

This truck to be rescued may have a trailer.


3rd tool-Individual winch:
The equipment can be purchased and installed in the truck, in workshops.

The equipment can be connected to the front or rear of the truck.
The equipment consists of an automatic winch for: traction of car, truck, bus, trailer.
Its function is to drive the vehicles: jammed, stuck or fallen in the game map ditches at the edges of the roads.

The tool does not work for trucks, trailers and others that are tilted, that is; lying

Individual Winch Operation:
The player would activate the command on the "zero" key to activate / deactivate the front or rear winch.
The steel wire can then be handled.
Pg UP: Advance the steel cable forward.
Pg Dn: Pull the steel cable back.
T: Engage and unhook the steel cable on the vehicle to be rescued by pulling, pulling.

Alternative commands for individual winch:
+ Advance the steel cable forward.
- Pull the steel cable back.
The T command is preserved with the steel cable coupling / disengagement function on the vehicle to be rescued.


Any sample image:
Images and videos to exemplify. Yes.





Figure 1. Images of the individual winch.





Figure 2 Front Engagement: Frontal Rescue:  Press the "T" command. Make that hook.



imagens? q = tbn: ANd9GcRobHViH-PtE_R0XELnH1w     

Figure 3. Europe truck frontal winch:



Figure 4. Australian truck winch.



 Figure 5. "Ideal  Front option front truck" from "Auto Stop Help" - Mechanic option customization



Figure 6. Rear winch:" Ideal backhoe truck for winch from " Auto Stop Help"





Figure 7. Mod Concept game FS15 Winch Front Truck.




 Figure 8. Points Rescue Cable Winch: Spintires: MudRunner Mod. (White) points of the steel cable of the Winch.  "Steel cable in perfect texture"



Conceptual outline: Winch and frontal truck for "AUTO STOP TRUCK"

Guard bar or truck front, as I call it.
This is the universal model present for all brands of truck in the game.
This front has to be worked only in packing the central winch and sealed the central part leaving only space for the steel cable to leave when driven.


Vídeo concept  use: Auto Stop Help.

Video 01


Why should it be added?

It allows for solidarity and cooperation between players and allows a more realistic removal of vehicles and less effort to help and rescue other road users.
It does not change the current mechanics system that requires Command F7 and Enter, option 1.

This native rescue command in ETS2 is preserved for the player, but would be used as a last resort.

Only triggered in cases of being without redemption options on the map of the game and without possibility of solidarity.
It allows innovative achievements that reinforce friendship in the game.

The big question would be tool 3 and I justify, theoretically,
that you can implement and implement this wonderful "AUTO STOP HELP" tool in TMP.
Just like the CB radio, which has exclusive command, is generic.
Thus, only players who "accepted" upon entering the game would receive the winch and their commands.

This acceptance occurs in the machine shop.

The player would see in the mechanics somewhere in the truck accessories in the background the object winch possibly with an original front of the truck (TMP exclusive).
It would cost euros, would have to pay.
It is not conceptually free as CB radio.
Many players may not want to use.
It should be optional that this is the exclusive product of TMP at the Mechanics Store.
As soon as you exit the game, the winch "disappears" when playing in single player mode.
Conceptually and very ... much like the CB radio.

This tool can be canceled in the workshop by opting for another front for your truck.
The winch would have exclusive command to advance / PgUp and retreat / Pg Dn on this steel cable, lock in "T".
CB radio has function using the mouse.
Currently Pg Up / Pg Dn, (+) key, (-) key is not function.
Perfectly possible to create it, using the same basic logic of building CB radio.
The principle is the same as the CB radio, only on the mouse.

You use PgUP / PgDN and hangs on the "T" key, maybe "Enter", rescue trucks and cars on the MOD GAMES TMP.
Exclusive things have already been done, it is possible.
I would add, solidarity in the game and an exclusive tool. For this must be done and added, make the game more community and the TMP MOD more exclusive and attractive.

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Hello plinio_lisboa,


I have checked whether your idea would be possible to implement with one of our developers, however we do not see any reason for this to be implemented as there is no real point or reason for it to be developed and introduced. This is mainly a trucking simulation game, and not a rescue simulation game. The whole point of this game is to truck around Europe (and America!) either alone or together with others on TruckersMP. When people are stuck, SCS Software have a really handy built-in function for this and you can find that when pressing F7. 


Thank you nevertheless for your time to create a suggestion.



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