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DJ Jefferz

How Much Would You Pay, why and how long?

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Simple Game for abit of FUN!
If you're here to share hate or vendetta then don't play!


How much would you pay to ban Upper Staff members, how long for and why?



 Currency is to be in Euro's. 

Try not to tag individual staff as this could get annoying.

Upper staff consists of any of the following roles:

-> Developer

-> Project Manager

-> Vice Project Manager

-> Senior Human Resources

-> Human Resources

-> Senior Community Manager

-> Senior Game Manager

-> Community Manager

-> Support Manager

-> Community Moderation Manager

-> Media Manager

-> Game Manager

-> Event Manager

-> Translation Manager


Have Fun!


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Well then we start this Game here... :D


I would pay 20 Euros to Ban Digital (Event Manager).


For how long? 

1 Week should be fine for my opinion.


And why?

Because there he could get some Rest from tmp because he have done

so much for the Community and for us all, and everybody knows we are just humans

and need some rest also! ;)

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