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The way bans and ban appeals work

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Suggestion Name: New ways the bans and ban appeals can work


Suggestion Description:

There is is so much wrong with the ban system. Bans should be based on how many or if you have not been banned before. 


For example,


Your first should 1 day then the next increases and increases depending on the reason of the ban. Mods need to be more consistent with the bans as I have been banned twice now for small little mistakes which caused no accidents or problems towards any other player, but when a troll turns up who intentionally is there to troll gets no ban or just a little 1 day ban but the people who make 1 mistake get a long ban which is unfair on the people who are playing properly. Game moderators sometimes favour who they ban and who they don't ban which is wrong. People who troll and come back and back keep only getting them small bans which thats why there needs me a certain length on a certain type of ban.


For Example, Trolling = 4 Day Ban, Ramming = 4 Day Ban, CB Abuse = 1 Day, Racism = Permanent etc....


The ban appeal is a disgrace due to the fact that the mod either gets back to after the ban time is up or has completely ignored you in every way in the appeal like mine has today. Also the fact that the mod who bans you deals with their own report which is totally unfair as an admin who hasn't banned you can review the appeal and read what you have to say about it and come up with a decision as the same mod who banned you won't even bother cooperating with you like mine today. My mod completely didn't read my comment at all and ignored everything on there and was blunt. There is no point doing a ban appeal if they're all going to be rejected, whats the point of having the system?? I'm not being funny either but its been happening a lot within the past 2 weeks but it's mainly people from the UK getting the bans which completely looks dodgy to me. If another Higher staff member can actually look at my ban appeal it would be great as it's totally unfair on what I got a 3 DAY ban for when there are trolls and cb radio trolls getting hardly nothing and the staff should be more consistent with the way they deal with in game reports. I have been rammed off the road and lost my loads 7 times this week and reported all 7 and nothing happened. I don't touch anyone or cause a big problem it's an insta ban. Now, this has caused me to miss out on a big convoy tonight which is the main one to attend every 2 weeks but can't now for no reason at all.


Why it should be added?: It should change to this way so that the mods are forced to be consistent with their bans and the length of the bans that they give to certain different rules that are broken to make more logical sense.


Very dissappointed at this but I hope a higher up can look at this and see what they can possibly do to solve these issues.


Kind Regards,



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Should you wish to complain about the way your ban appeal was handled, or about a game moderator, please make a feedback ticket. https://truckersmp.com/feedback

There is no set dates for each offence, as the bans are reviewed case by case, therefore it would be unfair to many people. The first 3 bans issued are at Game Moderator discretion, then the 4th ban within a year is a Month ban. Changes to the ban system are not planned to be made, this suggestion is more of a complaint, therefore once again, i forward you to make a feedback ticket. 

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