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Suggestion Name: New option to report players


Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse.


Any example images: -


Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.



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Hey there @EX1GENCE

Thanks for making a suggestion for TruckersMP!

When making a suggestion, you are required to use the suggestion format.
I must ask you to edit your suggestion with the following format:


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Without this format, your suggestion will most likely be declined soon.

Thanks again for making a suggestion :) 

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I do not believe that its a good suggestion because people will often just missclick on someone without noticing. Like you expect to click on 1 guy, then you click on the guy in front of him but you think that you clicked on the guy that broke a rule then you proceed with the filling of a report. Which at the end will create a false report and will waste bolth of our times. However, I do understand what you mean and here what I suggest. To filter the people that are near to you. What I mean is :

Ex: the closest users to you will appear at the top, and the more the user is away from you, the more they will be at the bottom.



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Sounds good, but IMO this would only be helpful on those well-known places (C-D area), anywhere else it would be rather needless. All that people need to do is become agile with switching cameras. I usually drive with cockpit camera, when someone crashes into my truck, I immediately switch to external camera (press 2) and look around, if the rammer is going away I immediately switch to freecam (press 0) so I can "chase" them. And if the rammer disconnects or uses F7 right after hitting my truck... Well, then switching cameras is useless, but so is the option to "click" on the offender's name (since they are not around anymore). At least, after using the camera switch, I'd get their names and can do /pinfo, /search, look in the TAB's History or (in case the player disconnected) search on my logs or the website.


I'd consider supporting @_Russian's idea better. Having the option to sort the TAB's player list by distance, so the one who crashed into you will be always among the first ones, even on the C-D area. And this one about being able to "click" on the offender... Like I said, it would mostly helpful on only a couple of places that IMO should be avoided. It doesn't make sense (again IMO) to go to the "trolls paradise" and then complain about how difficult is to locate the one that broke the rules because there are a lot of people. Don't go to hell and you won't need to worry about demons, easy as that.

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Personally I wouldn't implement this idea. The chance of clicking the wrong person is pretty high I think, especially if you're still moving and in high populated areas. I would also second @_Russian's idea.


Regarding reporting players it is, in my opinion, best to stick to recording and your documented logs and report players through the website as many in-game reports are not dealt with in time. From your record you can find the name and in-game tag, if you have that information you can find their TMPID and SteamID in your logs. Those things combined are basically all you need for a web report and only takes a few minutes to execute.

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