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Bring back the South American Server


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Suggestion Name: 

Bring back the South American Server


Suggestion Description:

Bring back on TruckersMP a South American server to Euro Truck Simulator 2


Any example images: 

There used to exist a South American server, but it ceased to exist. Add just a regular server on South America so that americans can play without a very high ping.


Why should it be added?:

My experience on TruckersMP lately has just been a lot of lag, and being banished because of a high ping. There used to be a server situated on South America, where people from here could play without that problem, but now there are only servers situated on Europe and I see that there's a lot of people giving up from multiplayer because they can't play properly.

It would be better to player from both Europe and America to have that server back.

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Guest Averazon

Hello @Mohammadus


Thank you a lot for your suggestion! You are awesome to help our community grow! <3


Though, this suggestion is made very frequent. Before posting a suggestion we always recommend to use the search option to avoid it already being suggested before. :) You can find more info on how to use the search tool here


Your suggestion:


Add server in region *:
Give us a reason why, show us that there is a community that will use it, if you can't, then no.

I understand your reasoning. This being mostly a bad connnection/ping.  Though as mentioned above, the requirement is to show that people will play on this. There must be enough reasons and people to start this.


Thank you again for your suggestion though!


If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me


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